I messed up. I broke two of the Arcane Council’s laws in one day. I swear it was an accident—but try telling that to the Arcane authorities.

Before I could catch my breath, my simple gypsy life of peddling potions with my guardians is wrenched away. I’m forcibly enrolled into the prestigious and supremely snotty Arcane Arts Academy, given shackles under the guise of mercy for my crimes.

As if that weren’t enough, my volatile magic bound me to two infuriatingly overbearing shifters in the woods near campus, making me an instant pariah.

At least the history teacher is helpful—not to mention insanely gorgeous. And besides giving me a dangerous distraction, there’s something else he can provide—a way to finally find out more about my father and unravel the dark mystery surrounding his death… but some secrets have claws, and if I’m not careful, knowing the truth could get me killed.

Reviews for Of Wolves & Witches

“…so luxuriously written, especially in terms of the beautifully scenic descriptions that creates the imagery perfectly in your mind. Ms. Lawson has a great talent for writing a moving landscape that invites you to escape while you absorb her words.”

“…keeps you on your toes guessing to what is gonna happen next, move over Harry Potter, a new Witch is in town!”

“An amazingly built world full of fantasy, magic, and intrigue that will really keep you hooked from the very first page all the way until the cliff hanger ending.”

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